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  • Windows Server Installation & ConfigurationYou are probably too busy growing your business to focus on server management — until it is too late. You know that data loss, security breaches and poor site performance can negatively impact your business. Our Team will experts on Windows 2003,2008 & 2012 installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting Server issues.

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  • Managing Active Directory Domain Controllers Management. • Centralization of User & Groups. • Centralization of Computer & Servers. • Centralized Management of Data. • Group Policy Management. • Centralized Management of Applications. • Provision of Security Module.

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  • DHCPComputers use the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol to request Internet Protocol parameters, such as an IP address, from a network server. The protocol operates based on the client–server mode, DHCP Relaying, Classless IP Addressing

  • D.
  • DNS - DOMAIN NAMING SYSTEMThe Domain Name System delegates the responsibility of assigning domain names and mapping those names to Internet resources by designating authoritative name servers for each domain.We work on Zones, DNS Forwarding, DNS Recors i.e A Records, PTR, CNAME etc

  • E.
  • FTP & DFSUsing FTP- User can access his files & Folder from their home using internet.And DFS - Users data can be kept on a single location but they can access that anywhere thus makes enable to keep their data secured & Backup.

  • F.
  • NetworkingAdvantages of Network File Services: · Allow group of people to share documents via the network · Allows groups to share applications & directories on the network · Centralised distribution by adding documents & applications to one location Advantages of Printing Services: · Sharing Printers & Network Resources to save money · Eliminates the need for a printer at every workstation..

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